How to Upload KYC for EPF UAN?

Upload KYC for EPF UAN

Every time an individual joins a new concern he or she is allotted a member Id, UAN stands for Universal Account Number and it  will serve as an umbrella linking all the member IDs under the Universal Account Number along with KYC(KYC for EPF UAN). So, the participating members or individuals making PF contributions shall be able to view details of all the member IDs linked to the UAN. UAN also serves as a function to capture KYC for EPF UAN details of its members which would then reduce dependency of the employer. The provided KYC shall be put in place or seeded against the UAN and not individual member ID to check on repetition. For, KYC, bank account no., aadhaar and PAN are basic KYC documents. In a case where you already have a UAN, you need to provide it to the new employer for seeding the newly assigned member ID with the already attained UAN. The process shall hasten up the processing of EPF claims , transfer and withdrawals. The services of the UAN to a great extent shall depend on the type of KYC document uploaded with the Provident Fund body. Employers are necessarily required to furnish KYC documents of all its employees, approved using digital signatures. For uploading the KYC, employer need not provide the scanned copy of the KYC documents, only the relevant details shall suffice. In case when the employee is updating or uploading KYC details, scanned copies are required. To avail any services members contributing towards PF need to visit the EPF website. Members should have UAN, Mobile and Member ID readily available to activate his/her UAN on the Member Portal. The process is complete only when you update or upload your Know Your Customer (KYC) in the site.

Following documents can be used for KYC:-

  1. National Population Register
  2. Aadhaar
  3. Permanent Account Number (PAN)
  4. Bank Account Number
  5. Passport
  6. Driving License
  7. Election Card
  8. Ration Card
How to Upload KYC for EPF UAN?

Step 1: After login, go to the ‘Profile’ menu and select ‘Update KYC Information’. Provide the correct name as the name appears on the document and provide the document number.

Step 2: Upload your scanned copy of your KYC documents along with self-attestation. One can upload multiple KYC documents out of the 8 specified KYC documents. Note that one need to scan the KYC document first and save it as .jpg/.gif/.png/.pdf. The size of scanned document should not exceed 300kb.

Step 3: Status of KYC upload will be shown as “Pending” until the uploaded documents are approved by the employer.

Step 4: Once your employer approves, the verification status changes to ‘Approved by Employer’.

Conclusion it has become mandatory to have a UAN. In case, you do not have one, you should ask your employer. Mostly, employers may have applied for the same for most employees.

It is unlikely that there will be a delay on this count. The emergence of the UAN has cut the time taken for withdrawal of EPF. It has also ensured transparency and cut down on documentation.

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